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Michelle Luna

5 tips for a successful group trip!

Are you traveling in a group? In this Blog we give you tips, tricks and tools to help you plan your next group getaway, allowing everyone to focus on the fun, not the logistics.

Group trips are opportunities to explore the world with the people you love. But, they also have the potential to cause problems. Planning, decision-making and financial problems that can make this long-awaited trip bitter But traveling in a group does not have to be that way. We have put together this article in the hope that everyone can focus on the fun and create memorable group memories.

Understand the dynamics of your group

Group dynamics can play an important role in determining where to stay. Families may prefer the ease and facilities of a hotel or resort. Large groups of friends may choose to search home rental sites like Airbnb. We recommend creating a shared list and inviting group members to add options and vote on favorites.

Shared Apps are vital

Google Sheets is an efficient app of organizing destination, accommodation and more options in a spreadsheet and keeping track of when and how people will travel.

If you are the trip planner, this spreadsheet is a way to organize yourself enough to feel personally at ease during your trip. Why not take a half hour beforehand to get organized? If you are not a natural planner, choosing the planner is an excellent starting point.

Manage your expenses

Tracking expenses is possible through a spreadsheet, but it still requires a fair amount of work to properly divide expenses and determine who owes what. We suggest creating a file as soon as the first large expense has been booked, such as renting a house or hotel reservations, and continuing to add expenses as your trip progresses.

Get group deals

Researching group rates can take a bit of time, but this search can save you money.

If you travel to Cancun, at MANSION HUAYACAN CANCUN we offer greater discounts on accommodation as more people travel. If you book at least 30 days in advance, the prices of the stay can be reduced by up to 15% for groups from 12 to 50 people.

In case of doubt, better leave it in the hands of the professionals

If you have problems choosing the decision maker or if you do not decide where to travel, contact us and we will gladly make options for you. Today it is very common and popular to travel in a group without the need for a travel agency. However, if you are dealing with people with little travel experience or if you are a group that is too disparate, it may be time to hire professionals. After all, the purpose of the trip is to create memories for a lifetime, not to do everything yourself.

Are you planning to travel in a group to Cancun? Contact us to let us know your needs and we will gladly adapt. We have a wide range of accommodation packages, tours and more to make your group trip a success!

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