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Michelle Luna

Michelle Luna

How to have a perfect group trip?

Once all have been installed in the destination, it is now time to enjoy the place.

1) Empathy

Punctuality is essential so that everything goes smoothly. Understanding is also essential, and if someone needs something at some point in time, has had an oversight or needs to make a basic purchase, you have to understand it, that is why you have to know how to understand and listen. 

2) Have a Leader

It is also essential to have a leader, although each one has a role within the group, a coordinator is essential to review who is missing, know where to go, have all the hours of the excursions or the places to visit in order and put the group in gear when it comes to getting started. Of course, the leader of the group must be chosen among all, no self-proclaimed leader, because in the end that takes its toll on the humor and spirits of the rest.

3) Free time

It is convenient to leave some free time during the trip. That everything is organized and that the group makes its visits together is very good, nothing like traveling in a group to obtain a discount on the tickets of a monument or some benefit when accessing a place, but at the time of making Shopping or having a coffee is interesting that everyone has their moment, so enjoying some free afternoon or morning will be the ideal way to re-engage with the group with renewed spirits.

Nothing like the organization, planning and good intentions on the part of the group members to make the trip go perfect. At MANSION HUAYACAN CANCUN we specialize in large groups. We are located in one of the most exclusive areas of Cancun, we have all the services to live the best vacations in the Caribbean: lodging with a capacity of up to 50 people, pool, jacuzzi, 100% Mexican breakfasts, and much more!

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