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PAC-CHEN, the last Mayan village

Inside the jungle and one hour 30 minutes from the beaches of the Riviera Maya is a hidden treasure. A small village that still preserves its Mayan past with pride and tradition, one of the greatest exponents of the pre-Hispanic origin of our country. His name is Pac-Chen and meeting him is an extraordinary experience.

The first signs of the Mayan culture have their origin in the Early Preclassic around 2000 BC, so when we refer to the fact that this village has managed to maintain its origins we do not say it lightly. Can you imagine being able to get in touch with the stories of a people that still conserves a millenary worldview

The Mayan Encounter

The best thing about the experiences is being able to share them with other people and definitely one of the things that makes Pac-Chen special is that here you can live great adventures while learning more about the Mayan culture from the hand of a local person.

Through the Mayan Encounter you will be able to carry out activities such as zip-lining over the community’s lagoon, take a canoe trip over its calm waters, cross a long bridge built by the inhabitants of Pac Chen and visit the beautiful Cenote Jaguar that takes its name from the holes on the vault of this space, which allow the entry of light and result in an incredible view of points of light that resemble the skin of a jaguar.

Knowing Pac-Chen from another perspective

Every year the community of Pac-Chen prepares to receive the Mayathlon, a cross triathlon where participants must complete a great test that consists of doing 1000 meters of swimming within the Mojarras lagoon, 22 kilometers of mountain biking within the jungle and 6 kilometers of hiking.

If you want to combine your passion for adventure with the desire to support a noble cause and learn more about the Mayan culture, the Mayathlon is the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with the best that Pac-Chen has to offer.

If you were looking for an incredible experience within the Mayan jungles, at MANSION HUAYACAN CANCUN we will be happy to receive you and your group, and take you on an unforgettable tour of the last Mayan village, called Pac-Chen.

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