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How to prepare a group trip and not die trying

Share your experiences with friends. Enjoy the laughs with your loved ones. Organize your trip as a group and you will enjoy twice as much.

When you decide to organize a trip, you do it with great enthusiasm and with the idea of ​​enjoying the destination you have chosen to spend a good vacation. But sometimes, when the trip is organized in a big way and there are many who add to that pleasure of traveling, if you are not well prepared you can ruin the party. As you do not want that to happen, the ideal thing is that you follow some wise advice so that everything goes smoothly and the suitcase returns home loaded with good memories and beautiful photos of a whole vacation.

1) Destination to everyone’s taste

To undertake a trip with a smile on all the members of the group, the ideal thing will be to choose a destination to everyone’s liking. It is useless that a few of the group are happy to have chosen that destination they dreamed of so much if the rest disagree. Surely at the beginning they have accepted and will go through the hoop, but if there is something that does not go as planned, the dreaded “I told you so” will come out of their mouths, the one that many times we are terrified to hear and that puts the little tip up to date. 

2) Each one a task

Delegating is another of the steps that are 100% effective. That each member or couple of the group is in charge of something, it should not always be the same. Anyone who is good at the topic of cooking should be the official chef of the group if they plan to cook at home, if there is someone else who likes maps, who is in charge of organizing the routes … Let each one contribute their grain of sand Thus, there will not be one who is at the top of work and others watching and also all will feel that they have participated in the trip.

3) Where to stay

The destination accommodation is another important point to add to the list of ideas so that everything goes smoothly on a group vacation. The ideal is to choose a house with many rooms, so that each one has their space and privacy when it comes to resting, being able to shower and putting their clothes on. If the house that is chosen has more than one bathroom it will also help, with more than one bathroom there are no waiting queues, the one who is inside is not overwhelmed and one prepares one before.

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