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“Cherry Blossoms” in Cancun

Maculís, an amazing tree that paints the Mexican southeast pink. Every spring, the urban landscape of this region of the country is filled with flowers and offers a unique natural spectacle. 

If there is one thing we enjoy and appreciate about spring, it is that it involves the flowering of many of our favorite trees around the world. 
From the cherry trees in Tokyo to the jacarandas in Mexico City, these types of specimens offer natural spectacles in full urban centers. True works of art that leave, for locals and travelers, traces of colors on the streets and remind us that the cold is over.

Such is the case of the maculís, a tree that, although it can go unnoticed almost all year round, paints the southeast of Mexico pink every spring. Also known as “rosewood”, “purple rose” and “trumpet tree”, the maculís – whose scientific name is Tabebuia rosea – flowers between March and June.

During this period of time, huge pink flowers paint the horizons; the parks and gardens of different shades of pink.

In this season the streets of Quintana Roo are decorated with pink flowers both in the treetops, as well as in the ridges and gardens where there is a maculís. 

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