Cancun’s Hotel Zone is a paradise of turquoise waters and white sand. Its 22 kilometers of stunning beaches make it the preferred destination to enjoy a few days of sun and beach, whether for water sports, scandalous waves, going to spectacular parties or simply closing your eyes and enjoying this idyllic place. An important fact […]

Ecotourism in Cancun´s Heart

Nichupté is a lagoon of approximately three thousand hectares, located in the heart of Cancun and is connected to the Caribbean Sea through the Sigfrido and Nizuc channels. In this place you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and landscapes of crystalline waters surrounded by mangroves that form passageways where different types of birds, marine species as […]

Immerse yourself in MUSA

The Cancun Underwater Museum of Art is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in the world. You can’t stop visiting it if you come on vacation! What is MUSA? The Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) is a non-profit organization based in Cancun, Mexico and is dedicated to the art of conservation. In November 2009, […]

“Cherry Blossoms” in Cancun

Maculís, an amazing tree that paints the Mexican southeast pink. Every spring, the urban landscape of this region of the country is filled with flowers and offers a unique natural spectacle.  If there is one thing we enjoy and appreciate about spring, it is that it involves the flowering of many of our favorite trees […]

How to prepare a group trip and not die trying

Share your experiences with friends. Enjoy the laughs with your loved ones. Organize your trip as a group and you will enjoy twice as much. When you decide to organize a trip, you do it with great enthusiasm and with the idea of ​​enjoying the destination you have chosen to spend a good vacation. But […]

How to have a perfect group trip?

Once all have been installed in the destination, it is now time to enjoy the place. 1) Empathy Punctuality is essential so that everything goes smoothly. Understanding is also essential, and if someone needs something at some point in time, has had an oversight or needs to make a basic purchase, you have to understand […]

5 tips for a successful group trip!

Are you traveling in a group? In this Blog we give you tips, tricks and tools to help you plan your next group getaway, allowing everyone to focus on the fun, not the logistics. Group trips are opportunities to explore the world with the people you love. But, they also have the potential to cause […]

PAC-CHEN, the last Mayan village

Inside the jungle and one hour 30 minutes from the beaches of the Riviera Maya is a hidden treasure. A small village that still preserves its Mayan past with pride and tradition, one of the greatest exponents of the pre-Hispanic origin of our country. His name is Pac-Chen and meeting him is an extraordinary experience. […]